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The reliability of wireless networks depends on how good the signal is  where you want to use it. If you are too far from the access point, or  there is too much interference from other wireless networks, you can get poor performance. There are more and more wireless connected devices, from phones to cameras, tablet to laptops, and being able to provide these devices with a good service is becoming ever more important.

Some buildings are made of materials that block the radio waves that wifi uses, and unless your building is very small, it is likely that you will need more than one access point. Where best to site access points is something of a black art, but recent developments in access point technology have made it a bit easier. We use Ubiquiti UAP access points as a favoured product, they are very cost effective, and can be used to make wifi available across quite a range of buildings. Ubiquiti also offer some very useful products for linking building networks together without going to the expense of burying cables.

With a wide choice of different aerials and access points we can work with difficult situationsboth inside and out, and we can undertake wifi surveys to show how existing wireless systems can be improved. Security is also vital with WiFi, you need to control who can access different parts of your network, and we can help in this area too.


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