RG Network Engineering

Wifi for guest networks

Wifi is now a requirement for guests and visitors to virtually any location open to the public, we have done a lot of work in this area and have a range of solutions for different applications and business sizes. A provider of a wireless network can be held responsible for what people connected to it do, so it is a wise precaution to control access, and ideally to do so in such a way as to enable a user to be identified if neccesary.

Our systems can provide both guest access for visitors and also secure access for business devices on the same network, using different methods of authentication to control access to business systems. We can offer CESG compliant systems for business where security is paramount.

At the other end of the scale, some of our systems have been simple additions of a gateway that allows a small enterprise such as a cafe to ensure that its internet bandwidth is used only by its customers for a controlled period of time. It is also possible to ask customers, on connection to the network, if they would like to provide their email address in order to receive special offers and promotions. This has proven to be a very effective marketing tool.

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