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Preventing internet misuse

For many, using the internet is an important part of their everyday life, checking emails, see what their friends are doing on Facebook, watching Youtube videos and browsing their favourite forum sites. Which is not a problem if they do it in their own time, but in the work environment this may not be appropriate.

We offer a solution to this using Draytek routers and their SmartMonitor software. You can choose who can access what, and also monitor how your internet connection is being used. If you have, as many companies still do, a slow internet connection, you will want to preserve that bandwidth for vital business use.

You can also check if employees are visiting sites that might be detrimental to your business interests, exposing your company network to external risk, or using sites that might put your company at risk of legal action.

Please contact us if you want to learn how we can help you with this issue.

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