RG Network Engineering

Network problems

There are many causes of network problems, some cause total failure and are easy to find, if not always to solve. Other problems can be intermittent, or cause a slower network than would be expected. We can find problems and fix them.


1. A customer reported that the link between two of their network switches would not run at full speed,  previously the link had been fine. On investigation it was found the cable had been damaged under a floor, where it could not be seen, it was found using a technique which shows the distance from the end to the point of damage. The cable wsa replaced to restore full speed operation.

2. At a different site, workstations were working correctly until turned off, once turned on again, some would not connect to the network. Checking the network addresses showed that some workstations were not getting the correct address, and a router had been incorrectly connected to the network and was giving out address on the wrong network. Removing the router fixed the problem.

3. Following a third party engineer’s visit to install new equipment in a rack, one of the networks was reported as being down, this was due to the engineer linking what should have been two seperate networks.


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