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Network security

Network security is critical to any business, private data, such as customer and accounts information, needs to be securely kept within the organisation. Inside the organisation, access to such data needs to be controlled to make sure that only those who have approval to access it can do so. Nearly all internal networks are connected to the internet, and this connection is a major vulnerability to malicious attacks from anywhere in the world. Security against internal threats is just as important, users can access inappropriate websites and make networks vulnerable from within.

We provide a service to check network security and offer ways in which this can be improved without huge costs. Often simple changes can make a large difference, one example being enforcing the use of ‘strong’ passwords to make the task of an attacker trying to gain access much more difficult. They might be inconvenient for the user, but they are also an obstaclet for someone trying to gain unauthorised entry using a dictionary attack to check for the use of common, and uncommon words.

The spread of mobile phones is another problem for the security of networks, if the phone can connect to the company wireless network, then data on the network could be stolen more easily. Controlling access to the wireless network is always important, and one way in which this can be improved is to restrict devices which do not have an authorised address.

We can use security systems from major companies such as Draytek, Cisco and Sonicwall, all of which offer leading edge products to protect networks large and small from hostile activities on the internet. We can also use Group Policy in Windows environments to further control and secure access

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