RG Network Engineering

Emergency internet access using 3G mobile network

Many businesses depend on continuous internet access, but sometimes things go wrong. If your broadband connection is not available, perhaps because of problems on the line, or perhaps because you are moving into a new office and your broadband supplier is a bit slow, we can help. As long as there is a mobile phone signal at your location, we can provide internet access for you, sometimes even where the phone signal is poor. Even if the network signal is not very strong, we can use special antennas to get a decent speed when a phone can not connect well.

The need for emergency access is often short term, only a few days, so we offer a service which includes the hire of the equipment required, as well as the setting up and removal when it is no longer needed. You are free to use the mobile network provider of your choice as long as they have a usable mobile phone signal. We tend to use the ‘Three’ network where it is available.

As well as being able to provide equipment to hire, we can also offer permanent solutions using Draytek routers which can have a “fall back” facility to automatically use a permanent 3G (and maybe soon a superfast 4G) connection. As these tend to be more expensive than a cabled internet connection, the Draytek router will alert the system manager by email or SMS by telling them that the primary internet connection has stopped working.

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