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Hard disk data erasing

If you hold private financial data, such as credit card details for private individuals, you are required by data protection legislation to keep that data secure. If you store that data on a computer system, when you upgrade your computers you need to make certain that the hard disk is wiped before you dispose of the computer. The same requirement also applies to backup disks and tapes when they are taken out of service.

CESG, part of the UK Government’s GCHQ at Cheltenham, define various methods for ensuring that hard disks are properly wiped. We offer a CESG compliant degaussing service which magnetically wipes hard disks and makes any data held on them inaccessible. Normally the disk will no longer function at all once it has been wiped, but we test each disk after wiping and certify that it has been cleaned to the correct standard by our security cleared engineer.

The price for this service is dependent on location, please contact us for more information.


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